Vocabulario Pre-Listening

Lee la oración. Adivina el significado de las palabras y frases en negrita, luego empareja cada palabra o frase con una definición o sinónimo de la lista a continuación.

Welcome to your Listening skill01

1. Gena was watching infomercials on TV. She ordered a frying pan that was advertised, but when she received it, she said it didn’t work very well

2. She thinks the advertisers made false claims about the product . It certainly doesn’t  work the way they said it would. 

3. The company can be  held liable if the product doesn’t work.

4. The new ab machines at the gym are very effective. I’ve got a flatter stomach.

5. The company can even be sued if the product is dangerous in some way and someone gets hurt.

6. “You paid $25.00 for that beautiful watch? Come on! It looks so expensive.”

7. Sarah said she watched 10 hours of TV yesterday. I know she exaggerated because I saw her got to work in the morning and come home late.

8. Before you take any medicine, read the fine print of the label. There might be important information you need to know.

9. “Let’s vary the workout today by starting with stretching instead of running exercises, OK?”




Ahora lea las preguntas. Escuche la conversación de nuevo. Agregue detalles a sus notas. Luego use sus notas para responder las preguntas:

Welcome to your Listening skill02

1.  What is the conversation mainly about?

2. Why does the student go to see his professor?

3. Why is the student’s friend unhappy with her ab machine?

4. What does the professor mean when he says, “Well, as far as I know, companies can’t make false claims about their products.”?

5. What is the student’s attitude when he says, “well, that may be so, but in my experience, the product isn’t always what it appears to be”?