TIP: Read the first question first

One of the most interesting test strategies is not reading the test – at least not in the beginning. On test day, you will see the text before questions. But you can scroll to the end of the text, click “next” to go to the first question, and still have the opportunity to return to the text after. That means you can start your reading with the first question in mind. So you read the first question, then go to the text and start reading. When  you find the answer to the first question, you stop reading, give your answer, and look at the next question. Once you know what to look for, go back to the text and continue reading from where you had stopped. Read until you find the answer for question two, etc. This strategy is most helpful for advanced students who can comfortably understand both the meaning of the question and of the text. For lower level students, it may make more sense to focus only on the reading at first to understand as much as possible of the bigger ideas.